KY Center for the Performing Arts

Kentucky Center for the Arts

Louisville, KY

Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts located in downtown Louisville, KY at 501 W. Main St. This project consists of the plaza slab repairs. This includes using a water repellent product that exfoliates excess chlorides due to de-ice chemicals from within the concrete. This process hardens the existing concrete and also brings out the new look of it as if it were just pressure washed. It also helps prevent from and cracking and breaking in the future. We were to remove existing joint sealants and reapply new at all areas. Any areas with several cracks and missing concrete, we were to remove, reframe, and pour new concrete.

Project Details

Application/Product: Foxfire and BASF NP2 joint sealants

Square feet: 13,400

Linear Ft of Joint Sealants: 3,800