Underpinning is a method used to increase foundation depth or repairing faulty foundations. This might be the case if you plan to add stories to an existing structure or when the foundation has been damaged. Underpinning could also be needed when building a structure adjacent to another. The older our buildings get the more need there is for underpinning and adding additional support to prolong the life of the structure. Underpinning requires precise engineering services that will diagnose the problem come up with a solution. There are multiple different underpinning techniques that need to be custom engineered for your particular project. Champion’s team can come up with the most cost effective answer to these problems. Haire’s engineering team will provide stamped drawings and precise plans to meet each particular project’s needs.

21c Museum Hotel

Benefits of Underpinning:

  • Underpinning your foundation opens the hidden mechanics of the home and makes them accessible for inspection, correction and improvement.
  • As underpinning is usually undertaken in older buildings, there is old plumbing, electrical and insulation systems that can be replaced or upgraded with modern technologies. All these can be brought up to Building Code and to contemporary standards.
  • Changes will have to be made to the waterproofing systems along with the underpinning so the life of the useable, dry space is prolonged.
  • Long-term savings in energy costs
  • Improved foundation strength


  • Predictable capacity
  • Helix blade configuration selected to achieve design embedment and capacity
  • All-weather installation
  • Can be installed in areas of limited or tight access
  • Installation does not generate spoils
  • Clean installation with no messy grout