General Contracting

Freedom Hall

We were to repair/replace the damaged EIFS system of the south façade of Freedom Hall that was caused by wind at the Kentucky Exposition Center, Kentucky Venues, in Louisville, KY. There was also a large section of the EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System) that was removed because it became so un-attached that it needed to be replaced by the full system. This job was approx. 11,000 sq. ft. EIFS steps include: Fastening plywood to the stud walls; using mechanical fasteners to attach the insulation board to the substrate (plywood); apply a reinforcing mesh; put on a base coat, which forms the inner portion of the primary moisture barrier; Lastly; spread on the finish coat, which forms the outer portion of the primary moisture barrier.

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

This work involves making concrete slab repairs to the front entrance at the plaza that serves The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts, in Louisville, KY. The work included joint sealant repairs, routing and sealing of existing cracks, and the application of penetrating concrete sealer/densifier to the entirety of the front entrance plaza concrete slab and stairs. In addition, we were to excavate/remove damaged concrete, replace the waterproofing and drainage board, and install new concrete, making sure the drains around the areas are working properly.

  • There was 13,400 sq. ft. of penetrating concrete sealer/densifier application area
  • 1,850 linear feet of cove/existing sealants that were to be removed and replaced
  • 1,100 linear feet of cracks and slab repairs that were to be routed and sealed
  • Approx. 220 sq. ft of concrete patch repairs (break, remove and replace)

Polar Express

Stearns Depot Passenger Platform Expansion.

The Big South Fork Scenic Railway is a heritage railroad in Stearns, Kentucky. The route runs for 16 miles through lush countryside in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. There is a stop in the historic coal mining town of Blue Heron, Kentucky which can be toured.