Deep Foundation Stabilization.

Strengthen Your Building’s Foundation in Congested Areas & Soft Soil.

Micropiles, or mini-piles, transfer structural load through soft or karst soils. Commercial micropile installation is useful when ground conditions will not support the full load of construction.

These high-capacity, deep foundation micropiles allow for tall buildings to be built in cramped spaces. They derive their load capacity from steel reinforcement & skin friction of the grout. Steel casings can be added to address lateral loading requirements.

Compact & cost-effective

Sustains extremely heavy loads in excess of 1,000 tons

Great for congested areas & low overhead clearance

Incredibly durable and functional in virtually all types of soil

Prevents collapsing & stabilizes existing structures

What are the Benefits of Commercial Micropiles?

Micropiles offer many advantages over other deep foundation stabilization methods. Over the years, micropile installation has increased in popularity because of its versatility, reliability & efficiency.

Micropiles are great for temporary or permanent structural underpinning and mitigating foundation settlement. They work with both compression and tension loads. Micropiles can also be installed for soil retention and tiebacks for erosion protection.

  • More cost-effective than drilling shaft piers
  • No pre-drilling required, saving time & cost
  • Resists compressive, uplift/tension, and lateral loads
  • Corrosion-resistant & may avoid utility rerouting
Micropile Foundation Repair by Haire Construction

We are the professionals. Before we start any project, we back it up with engineering and geotechnical consulting to ensure the job is done right…the first time.

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Haire Construction is at the Forefront of our Industry’s Best Practices.

With our years of extensive drilling experience and engineering, we can help provide deep foundation support for any size project. From single-story homes to projects requiring thousands of micropiles, we lead the industry in quality, safety & reliability.

Micropile Foundation Repair Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Haire Construction offers engineered solutions for building deep foundations.

Micropile Foundation Repair Certified ABAA Installers

Certified ABAA Installers

We service government buildings, schools, and any private jobs.

Micropile Foundation Repair Engineering Solutions


Haire Construction is fully covered for foundation repair jobs as small as $500 to jobs over $10,000,000 in size.

Micropile Foundation Repair Dependable


We are local to the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio areas, but can travel wherever the job takes us!

Micropile Foundation Repair Strong Safety

Strong Safety Culture

We have had ZERO accidents over the past 10 years in business.

Check out three of our biggest micropile foundation repair installations!

Check out three of our biggest micropile foundation repair installations!

Micropile Foundation Repair by Haire Construction for Frazier History Museum