Micropiles/tie backs, underpinning, auger cast piles, soil nails

Haire Construction is a leader in specialized geotechnical work. We specialize in all types of micropiles, drilled piers, auger piles, tiebacks, soil nails, and underpinning. Our extensive drilling experience has Haire drilling in all types of environments and all types of soils. A solid foundation is the most important part of your building. Weather your existing building is settling and in need of stabilization, or you are building a new structure that needs a solid foundation, Haire is your company. We work hand-n-hand with geotechnical engineers when deciding what type of pile to install with project specific soil types. Our engineers will weigh the load requirement by the architect, soil types from the geotechnical engineer, depths to bedrock, and job site restrictions to provide a solid solution that will be backed by engineering calculations and pile data.